Raised Bed Construction

If I just had raised beds, I could get my garden growing

What is stopping you from a bountiful harvest each summer? No garden plot?  No carpentry skills or materials?  Drake’s can solve those problems! Raised beds save space, create well-organized attractive planting areas, allow gardeners easier access to care for plants, and keep the soil loose, allowing for excellent root growth.

Let us build your raised beds

Drake’s team will come to your house, construct raised beds, fill them with nutrient rich soil, and even plant the garden starts if you want. We will do the construction so that you can do the gardening! Come summer you can have a bountiful harvest of fresh fruits and veggies, right in your own back yard.

Best of all, Drake’s is a certified Eco Business, which means we use natural and organic fertilizers and soils giving you a healthy start to your new organic garden.

What it Costs:

We offer a modular product that can be configured into different heights and designs to fit your needs.  Each module is 4′ x 4′ x 6″ TK cedar box with kneeling boards on 2 sides.  We’ll fill your box with garden soil to the appropriate height (based on your configuration).  Pricing is based on the specific configuration you want.  For example, a  4ft by 8ft, 12″ high raised bed would cost $575.  This includes, materials, soil, and construction. Planting the garden for you is an additional $65 fee plus the cost of plants and/or  seeds.  Stop by any Drake’s 7 Dees for a quote.